The team

 Robin Martí


Founder,  born in 2001, I started this project when I was 17 years old.


My hobbies are surfing and playing tennis. I live in Mallorca so I always have the sea and tourism very next to me. We have to protect the sea and we need a sustainable tourism.


Francesco Casa


Founder, born in 2001. I also started this project when I was 17 years old.


I am a passionate sailor and I am already working as sailing instructor in Mallorca.  Also my parents are involved with environment and the sea. So I really know that we have to protect the sea and nature.  We can't lose more time. 







Louis Schwarz


Since I was small I have always been surrounded by nature and especially the sea, so seeing it dirty really makes me feel sad and makes me feel like wanting to make a change, thats why we are working together to help clean our environment.

Juan Ramón 


I was born in Mallorca, so I’m used to see the sea, everywhere i go I see it, thats why I love it. But, I love the blue and clean sea, that’s why I am fighting for, to see it like that

Carlos Martí Wetzel, dad of Robin, is the original founder of this project and acts now as advisor of the team.

He works  for almost 35 years in the tourism business, mainly as Hotel manager in Mallorca.

"Tourism has only a bright future if we preserve nature and seas. This website was created with this purpose.

The new generations have the power and motivation to success in these projects. "