How we help:


We are collaborating with SaveTheMed association:


SaveTheMed is a local association who fights against pollution in the sea.


🌊 Why SaveTheMed association?

If we don’t change the impact of our environmental footprint on the once pristine archipelago where we live, marine life will vanish and future generations won’t have a sea safe to swim in.




We don’t want SaveTheMed association to be the answer. We want to inspire the solution. Nothing is going to change if we don’t change our ways. And the only way we can do that is through the commitment of each one of us: that we will all play a part.


SaveTheMed is implementing long-term sustainable solutions. We are cleaning up the damage we have already done.

Some of their projects are:


Project Two Hands "Dos manos"

Raising awareness of the problem unfolding before our eyes: educating, implementing and empowering. 


870 volunteers got involved and inspired others to join us too. Within the first three weeks of 2018 over 700 students were enrolled in our Dos Manos Schools Programme.


Marine Protected Areas

SaveTheMed's team of experienced scientists and divers work closely with local authorities to create an effectively managed and science based Network of Marine Protected Areas around the Balearic Islands, allowing ecosystems to recover and thrive together with prospering local communities and industries.


In 2017 SaveTheMed removed 2.2 tons of rubbish from our beaches, 600m of ghost nets from our seas.


Scientific Research

SaveTheMed's scientific research programmes are carried out by our devoted and highly experienced working group of marine scientists, divers ad volunteers.


We are collaborating and building partnerships. We are inspiring the local community to get involved. We are grassroots but thinking big. 


But none of this is possible without funding and resource. We rely entirely on the voluntary donations of our programme participants and supporters so it is vital that we are able to raise the necessary funds in order for our work to continue.  We do not receive any government money.


We need to keep the work we have started going.


By booking your holidays through BookforGreen, you will join our efforts and help us spread a wave of positive change in the Balearics and beyond.




Bookforgreen in the last collaboration of savethemed. We did a campaign to collect plastics and cigarettes