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Bookforgreen, a project started by 4 teenagers in school, is a completely new way to help the environment.


The idea consists in being able to help the planet from your house without spending time or money. The only thing you have to do is go through our website whenever you want to use Amazon or Booking.


Just doing this you will support this project and contribute to save the environment. As simple as it sounds :)




If you already use an account in like genius booker or similar,

you can still use your account and your advantages.


You only have to access entering always through our website and using the

"book now" button.


Once you are in the website sign in with your own account as usual.


Book your Hotel and help.  


And a BIG THANK YOU from us.



How does it work?


🌳 Our website can be used by  everyone at any time.


🌳When you need to book a hotel on or want to shop on,

just access those websites through ours by clicking on the logos we display at our home page.



🌳 By just doing that, you are already contributing, it's that simple, and free!


 🌳 Share this website with your friends and family.


🌳 We will always let you know where the money is being donated to.

At the moment we are working with the SaveTheMed association.


🌳 Our goal is to be able to leave a footprint and to help our planet,

maybe even with self-developed projects in the future.


 🌳 Let's all be together in a fight for a better world!